Some Personality Tests

I have a friend that has quite strong perfectionism.
Today, I try to search article about this topic.
(Since this is new blog,
I will explain it here.
I like learning new thing,
when I come across some topic,
most of the time I will search about it,
read article about it,
like the example above,
I come across topic about Perfectionism,
so I read article, medical and personal writing,
about perfectionism, the cause, the effect etc,
and I like to do that a lot).

The search engine gave me a result to a personality test about rate of perfectionism.
Out of curious, I tried it.
Guess what,
I’m a perfectionist myself…
According to the test (by QueenDom and Discovery Health),
my rate of perfectionism is 87 out of 100,
which is a very high ‘score’.
I set myself a standard that is very high and always upset about myself being not good enough.

The analysis part mostly are pretty much accurate,
it pointed out how I set myself a standard,
and even I got real good outcome,
sometime I still not satisfy enough.
It can be a good thing for me to keep improve,
but at the same time,
it accumulate as a stress and can somehow devour me if I didn’t handle well.

(Side story: I gave my friend the test, he got 70, which is lower than me -.-“)

Following the same website,
I accessed the Emotion IQ test as well.
It’s a 309 questions test,
a really big test.
The final result (only a snapshot report) showing that my EQ score is 67/100.
The short report said that I can easily read other’s emotion,
through body language, face emotion etc,
but most of the time,
I don’t know how to deal with the situation.
Quite accurate for me…
To get full report, with the tips,
it will cost me around $8.
I’m still considering to pay or not, which I haven’t.

I access yet another test,
a 20 question logic IQ test.
The test is short but take time,
as the question is some maths and logic question.
Not too hard for me thou 😀

After I finish the test,
the snapshot report only contain one sentence:
You’re a top performer in this test.
The full report is $5, which I already paid 😀

My iq test score

My IQ test score

It said that my IQ is 132,
and it is on 98 percentile 😀
there are other part of report and some tips,
which I get for $5,
not too expensive compare to 1 I saw before ($100+).

I still have to think about buying another report.
I want to get my result,
but there might be other use with my Paypal fund (I can’t withdraw them).
I will be decided by tomorrow.


About CPYap

Current student of Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) and Bachelor of Information Technology (Computer Studies)
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