It’s Locked

“It’s the end of the love, but it’s not the end of the fate…”

Another letter,
flew into my mailbox,
yet not for me,
for the one who left…

I sent her a message about this,
I don’t know why,
she just appear in front of my door in a few minutes.
I don’t know where she stay now,
but either she moved here somewhere,
or she just past by coincidently.

The god must be playing with me.
Everytime I thought I will see her one last time,
we will have to meet once again,
it’s like an infinity loop,
that we have to see each other until our fate end.
Why our fate is still there when the love ended?

I suppressed my own feeling,
not crying anymore,
not sad anymore,
but I have to admit,
I still feel a little bit hurt,
even just a tiny bite…

Since I started to clean up my harddisk yesterday,
I made a decision to lock everything about her up.
Included all the diary about me and her,
all the letter once I wrote to her,
all her document that kept within my laptop,
and all the photo we took together…

It’s locked now,
locked within my harddisk,
locked within my mind,
locked within my heart…
You shouldn’t breach it anymore…
Good bye….


About CPYap

Current student of Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) and Bachelor of Information Technology (Computer Studies)
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