Moody Day…

Today has been a quite moody day before the nap.
I’m carrying some bad thing from yesterday night,
both food poisoning and bad mood.
My sister release her stress on me again yesterday.
She always just grumpy and scold me when she’s stress,
out of no reason.
Yesterday was, indeed, the millionth time.
Last year,
probably I will shout at her back,
but made the situation worst.
Now I always walk away from it,
but neither solve the problem.
She will still be that angry without reason,
and I’m yet again the one who she pressed on…

The bad thing is,
I carried part of the mood to my today morning.
I don’t really feel well this morning,
part of the reason was because of the spoiled food we ate yesterday.
Out of 3 people, I’m the only one who get food poisoning.
Luckily it’s not very serious,
just a few diarrhoea solved the trouble.

When I’m about to collect the letter,
I found that the spider that I tried to kill with insecticidal still hanging there.
It’s very annoying and yet danger that it might bite you when you want to take the letter.
I used some help by scale to take those letter,
and tried to burn it to ashes,
but the wind save its life,
which I fail to ignite any fire under that strong wind.
At the end, nothing I can do.

After going back home,
I started to get frustrated.
It’s caused by multiple problem faced today,
and I can’t really think straightforward.
At the end I just took a nap,
and when I woke up, everything seem fine again,
the world is bright again….


About CPYap

Current student of Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) and Bachelor of Information Technology (Computer Studies)
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