8 Nov – Stone Chamber

She’s there, with me,
in a strange pool,
surrounded by stone wall.
It’s a stone chamber,
with water in the middle,
and strange statue and craft everywhere.
The ambience is strange…

I found that I’m in the water,
she’s one the walkway beside me.
We walked into another chamber,
where a strange creature came out and was about to attack us.
We ran back to previous chamber,
which I found some joss stick in front of some statue.
The creature didn’t scare of it,
which forced us to ran back to yet another chamber.

In this chamber,
there is a statue in the middle,
which look like the creature scare of it.
The image of buddha appear in my heart,
which probably I think the statue is.

I found that she’s gone.
I took out my phone and called her.
She told me she’s outside,
revealed that the exit is right beside me.
The outside is dark,
she’s in the car.

I don’t dare to walk out directly which I scared that the creature will attack me from my back.
In my mind,
however, have some strange thought.
Somehow, I feel that the sun is about to rise soon,
and for strange reason,
I have a bad feeling about it.


It seem that I never put down her.
For near a year,
she has been the most important in my life.
It’s not the first time I dreamed of her,
nor would be the last time.
Even after she left,
I still keep dream of her.
Before she left,
if I have a dream that she leave me,
I will have some quarrel with her in real life,
even I already know what’s coming.

After she left,
every time I dreamed of her,
she’s in need of some help,
and most often, my help.
What is that mean?
Why I always dream that I’m helping her,
in many different way?
Why I always dream of very strange thing ever since I’m young?
Is that bind to my personality,
all about psychology,
or there is another layer of meaning behind everything?
When and how can I get the answer …


About CPYap

Current student of Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) and Bachelor of Information Technology (Computer Studies)
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