Reaching the end of the Tunnel

Story start from months ago…
Or last year…

The project captured in unusual rain.
The rain is not only coming in non-monsoon season,
but also large amount and high frequent.
The accident happen a few days after the serious rain,
the project of land elevation,
which cost million dollar, collapsed.
We held responsible for this awful incident,
and hence, all the cost added to us.

This was happen after I came to Australia.
All this incident caused some major problem with all plans.
The assumed school fees has been used to rescue the project,
causing long financial problem to both me and my family since last year.

The last holiday that I went back,
I saw the problem with my own eye.
Not the problem with the project,
but all the impact on financial.

They sold the car,
change it so something cheaper.
They refinance using the only house.
All ready for one final strike,
one final rescue fund into the project.
One fail, all else fail.

I already know the problem months ago,
but I didn’t tell anyone,
I might be facing some serious problem soon.
If the project still fail,
my family will be going to bankrupt soon.
I have to terminate my studies immediately.
The final deadline for my fees is 22nd of Nov,
which if I still haven’t submit my fees,
I will be deported.
What waiting for me is the possible bankruptcy outcome,
which no progress has been made since last contact.

What is waiting for me at the end of the tunnel,
a dead end, a cliff, a train that crash me, or a new route?


About CPYap

Current student of Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) and Bachelor of Information Technology (Computer Studies)
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