12 Nov – Blood

Another horror dream.
I live in a house with big garden this time.
My aunt still live next to me.
The gate is similar to the one I have back in my home town,
which is one of the common place that occur in my dream,
mostly horror…

I went to my aunt house,
found that they are taking care of a child of someone.
I let my sibling know,
which they used the gate to go to my aunt house.
a robber appear in front of the gate,
with a knife,
following me back to my house.

I pick up a knife on the road side (sorry, no logical in dream ~.~),
then cut his throat.
He didn’t die, instead,
curse that he will be back for me.
I shouted and my father came out.
I told him what happen,
which he’s very worry about the curse.
I recall that the curse is actually about come back to take my stuff instead of my life,
so tell my father not to too worry.

We walk to the back of the house,
which the scene changed.
We arrived at some grassland,
which my father’s staff is right there.
I got a feeling that he’s behind everything (I also not sure behind what,
probably the robbing case, or something else).
I have a normal conversation and instead,
lead him to expose himself as the one behind the scene.
Then he ran, which we chased him.

The scene again turned into new place,
beside a cliff.
He been forced to an end,
which we pushed him to the side,
but holding him and threaten him to tell the truth.
He refuse to,
but saw his phone fell down and crashed.
Then he’s scare, and told us all the truth (what truth???).
Actually I heard nothing,
but my brain tell me that he already told the truth,
which we released him.

The dream continued,
but the part after that is not being remembered.
I can’t recall anything after this.


About CPYap

Current student of Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) and Bachelor of Information Technology (Computer Studies)
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