Engineering Ethic Presentation

I have a presentation this morning,
which I already start prepared it yesterday.
I took a whole 9 hours to design all the slides needed,
and repeat training for this 15 minutes presentation.

it’s all going smoothly,
even better than I expected.
This is the first time ever that I cool myself down successfully and talk with confidence.
My previous presentation sound good,
but this one obviously sound a lot better.
I can see that everyone in the class just listen to me,
with the aid of multimedia object I prepared.
Everything get excited when I go into the main topic.

the presentation end,
a little bit longer than I original planned.
I believe that it is because I cool down and feel confidence,
hence I have more idea popped-up in my mind.
The total length of presentation I made is around 15 minutes 30 seconds,
which the approaching length is 15 minutes,
compare to my previous recording – 14 minutes.
A lot better I guess.

At the end of the presentation,
I asked direct feedback from almost everyone,
especially the lecturer.
Everyone just say great,
with some of them joking that they going to hate me for making their presentation look bad.
The lecturer said that my main topic is a little bit distorted,
which I should focus more on the ethic instead of technical details,
but I included 50-50,
so already good, but can be better.
Other than that,
all presenting skills is achieved and nothing he can think of.

This is the best presentation that I ever made XD
Hopefully can be getting even better.


About CPYap

Current student of Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) and Bachelor of Information Technology (Computer Studies)
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