It’s Been A Week

Have been wanted to post more,
but recently my mind just wander off to wonderland,
so didn’t post much update lately. XD
Now I’m back.

Has been building the prototype for my Engineering Innovation and Ethic class,
it’s an adjustable roof system for natural insulation and paying effort to green building.
It’s part of the invention of my previous project,
which has been focused and liked by many people.
One of the member from other team did really remember the idea,
and in this semester, he’s my team mate.
He decided to bring the idea out alive and might try to make it possible.
That’s why we planned to, and built the prototype (but the prototype are all done by me).
he’s pretty apart from the team (team of 2, just me and him) now,
and still not sure that will I want to continue the project with him,
as until now, he haven’t really done anything.
Either we stick with original plan if he want to catch up,
which the prototype will be presented in two weeks time,
or I will split with him,
which save the prototype until very last presentation.

Today is the first time I cant wake up and late for the class.
It’s the very first time since I came to Australia.
today lecturer is about Computer Aided Design (Engineering hand Drawing class end),
which even I missed the whole lecturer,
I still can do everything by my own.
There is two assessment period today,
which the first took me 15 minutes out of allocated 75 minutes,
and the second took me 20 minutes out of allocated 75 minutes.
The lecturer found that I’m really doing well in Computer design part,
which she asked me to build up my skills to even better level (and learn AutoCAD),
and she will introduce me to her current working company as a learner drafter.
She said that I have to build up within 6 months,
or else she won’t accept anymore.
Finally I got a lecturer that want to introduce me a good job 😀

Before I go to class,
actually I received a call from Open University Australia (they like to call on Wed morning).
They already enrolled me into 2011 class all four study period (online study),
which as soon as I accumulate enough fund,
I can pay and start my second major, BTech (IT) Computer Study.

Since my laptop is in dying stage (start to throwing blue screen randomly),
I already planned to buy a desktop for those heavy software.
I already negotiated with a company,
and I got offer of Dual Core, 4GB RAM desktop with UBuntu pre-installed.
They are company specialist in Linux system.
It cost around $776,
which I will loan from the bank and pay for it,
else my report will be stuck (as I cant proceed with this error-full laptop).
However, one of my friend heard that I’m going to loan from bank,
he promised me that he will lent me the money after he got enough,
so that I don’t need to pay for the interest for the bank.
But he will only got enough money in a week time,
which since I’m urgently need a working desktop,
I will loan from the bank and pay for a week’s interest (few dollars).
The order has been made and now,
just wait for the loan to come and here we go,
a new desktop!

This concluded all those big things I have done in this few days.
Hopefully I can update the blog as often as before.


About CPYap

Current student of Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) and Bachelor of Information Technology (Computer Studies)
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