New Desktop (Ubuntu)

Before everything started,
sorry for not update that frequent.
Life has been a little bit busy than usual,
but holiday is coming soon,
so I’m sure that I will have more time to update more frequent.

The reason I bought this desktop is because my laptop is getting very slow now.
Sometime it just can’t work at all.
It’s probably because of the heavy software installed on it,
such as the CAD software,
which dragged the speed down totally.
Plus the free space just left around 50G,
which I can’t install the AutoCAD without transfer some file to another harddisk.

After a long long waiting,
finally my desktop has been here.
It’s pre-installed with Ubuntu 10.10.
The most obvious advantages over Windows is,
it only take like half a minute to boot.
This advantage is very obvious as it’s the first thing you do when you want to use it.

Not only booted fast,
it also only take around 10 seconds to fully shut down,
compare to my laptop that take around a min when I buy,
and take 2~5 minutes to shut down now.

Linux come in as a open source (free) OS,
and bring along a lot of other open sourced software.
If I need any software,
just look for it in software center and I can get it for free (if it’s open sourced).

there is still slight problem with the desktop.
The desktop has been no responding for three times since I start using it.
No symptom showed and the only action I can take is, Reboot.
Another problem is that sometime the graphic won’t show properly,
probably because of the graphic card.

beside than those problem,
everything worked fine,
and hopefully can be getting better over time.


About CPYap

Current student of Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) and Bachelor of Information Technology (Computer Studies)
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