Result Released

Actually the result released 2 weeks ago,
but due to the busy work,
haven’t able to really get online.

The first result I got,
for Engineering Innovation and Ethic,
is the worst result I ever got.
70% – Distinction.
It’s actually not bad,
just the lowest I ever got.
Expected to get higher than this,
but since my team partner left the team,
I already can see the falling of the result.

Engineering Drawing and Computer Aided Design,
80% – High Distinction.
This one suppose to be 90% when I get it,
but the course coordinator dishonestly degraded everyone in the class without giving reason,
just for scaling.
Unhappy but nothing can be done.

Programming Principle (Java),
92% – High Distinction.
The best among all,
was expected a little bit higher,
but the result is there.
Still happy about this result.

The result I got in this semester is not really that good.
In order to keep up with the good result,
I really have to do better in the upcoming semester,
or all previous hard work will be wasted.


About CPYap

Current student of Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) and Bachelor of Information Technology (Computer Studies)
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