Time: The best solvent

When present become past,
the best way to escape from being captured into the realm of memory,
is to poison ourself with work.
After all, time is the best solvent,
to dissolve all the feeling,
love, hate, happiness, pain, desperation, grief, sorrow…

After soaked in all of the extreme emotion,
time and business washed me from those emotion,
and finally, I’m numb…

I can still feel the little feeling in my heart,
all of the feeling I once felt towards her,
but it’s a past now.
The feeling is as little as I can barely feel it anymore.
After all, the best solvent diluted it,
to a stage that I can finally close my eye with ease.

Should I be happy?
It’s at least half a year since she left,
I can’t even remember when she left,
everything has been washed away harshly,
until I don’t even remember, how she look like…

Should I be happy that,
at least I can forgot he cruelly,
or should I be sad that,
after all the time we spent,
love gave us nothing?

When love became past tense,
it left nothing,
but lesson & experience…


About CPYap

Current student of Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) and Bachelor of Information Technology (Computer Studies)
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