A Lonely Heart is a Magnet…

Two days ago, Friday,
one of my friend currently study in China left me a message,
asking did I know that a friend of her,
which is from the same school with me,
also study in Perth.
I never talk to her before,
but after getting the message,
I tried to contact her through Facebook.

She reached me back yesterday on Facebook,
and gave me her phone number.
I called her after finish work,
and without pre-plan,
we actually decided to meet at Perth city.
After I arrived there and saw her,
even though it’s a few years back since I last saw her at school,
I can still remember her,
a pretty girl…

I’m not sure when I first saw her,
but she’s quite famous girl in our school.
She involved in almost every activities because not only of her look,
but also her presenting skills.
She left quite strong images in my heart,
even though I didn’t really know her.
However, the another side of it is,
she’s also famous as a very fierce girl if you annoyed her.
That’s probably why even I know quite a lot of people from my school,
I didn’t really know her.

Just a very basic greeting,
probably because we’re foreigner in the country with same background,
we goes into topic easily and within minute,
we start to talk like old friends.

We decided to have our dinner at a Vietnamese Restaurant.
I found that actually our personality are quite close,
probably because we’re both Taurus,
and with similar background,
we have similar point of view.
Even it was the first night we actually know each other,
we go into a lot of topic from life, study to friendship, love and almost everything.
She even told me she had a crush on somebody in Perth (D’oh!)
But somehow, I’m a little bit attracted to her…

After I showed her around Perth’s night time,
we decided to head home with the train,
but I will walk her home before I go home,
as it’s already night and there is a bit of walk before she can reach home.

On the street back to her home,
there is a dog suddenly barking at her,
which she was freaked,
and come to really near me,
close enough for me to actually hug her.
My initial respond was about to hug her,
but at the end,
my rational stopped.
I’m not sure if she know that I’m about to …
but as a slow-respond-dumb Taurus,
I really doubt that she did.

Even though it’s probably my body reflection,
but I did know that, I’m thinking too much, way too much than I should…


We decided to go out together again,
even though we both have something to study for the coming test (:P)
We go to SciTech in City West,
which is the location she’d want to go.
She was so excited when she’s in there,
which somehow made me happy to see her smile.
At the end, I don’t really spend much time on the invention,
but instead, spend more time to make her happy.

After we finished in SciTech,
we walk to Harbour Town,
which is not far away from here.
She just have a brief look around,
and decided that we should have our late lunch.
However, there is not much to eat in the mall,
which we decided to go to the Hungry Jack in the city.

After finish our late lunch,
it’s already near dawn.
I bring her to take blue cat to reach Esplanade,
and sent her home.
But this time,
I didn’t go as soon as she reached home.
We had some talk in front of the house,
until the sun nearly set.
I did mention about I start to feel a bit.. like, don’t really want to go,
but in a joking way.
She just smile,
and eventually, I left.
She took it as a joke,
even though it’s actually my feeling,
just that she didn’t know.


I don’t really know why I will have such strong feeling,
even though we just meet.
Probably because of the lonely feeling in my heart,
as I have been non-stop working and study for months,
without really having much entertainment,
without really having much friends,
especially girl.

It is lonely that cause the heart to stick to whoever I meet?
Or am I really fall that easy?
There is no easy answer,
but hopefully,
at least, we can be friend longer….

I’ve to admit, I’d like her…


About CPYap

Current student of Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) and Bachelor of Information Technology (Computer Studies)
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