Everything start from last Friday.
I went to work as usual at last Friday.
Unexpected, my god-mother bought me some cloth and pant,
saying that the those I’m wearing now look dull and unfit (my size 5 years ago).
Suddenly, I have a strong feeling that I should actually change myself.

The first thing I did was to cut my hair.
This is the first time I spent any bucks to actually do something,
just to make myself look better.
I haven’t cut my hair for more than half a year,
so it actually look like a bunch of grass.
I still remember that when I’m waiting,
one of the staff actually about to cut my hair,
but at the end she gave up,
as she didn’t know how to cut it (@.@).
At the end,
the boss of the shop,
which is the old master,
cut my hair with his strong skill.
And finally, I’m looking neat and better now! (No photo, yet)

This is the first step so far about the transformation.
At the time,
I was actually decided to change myself and start to put my heart into her.

At Friday night,
I try to chat with her on Facebook.
However, she doesn’t seem like to chat to me.
I asked if she want to go out at Saturday,
she said that she will be out with her friends.

At Saturday,
I actually found that she’s home the whole day.
I didn’t ask her why,
but I did ask her about Sunday.
She said that she’ll probably go out with her friends.

Again, at Sunday,
she’s at home again.
From the way she reply my chat,
I did actually realise that,
probably I’m just a friend,
or just someone who appear to be a friend,
but actually nothing more than a stranger.

Since Sunday afternoon,
I haven’t chat to her anymore,
and I think that I won’t really initiate any chat with her again.
After all,
we’re so different.
There is a huge gap between us,
and I don’t think that I can cross the gap at all.
I think I really gave up now…

Today morning,
I wore the new working suit,
use my new smile,
to face the my work and my new world.
Transformation continue,
not for love, nor for work, but for myself!


About CPYap

Current student of Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) and Bachelor of Information Technology (Computer Studies)
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