When the Old One Said She Do

What is the feeling of,
when someone you like for a long time,
but didn’t manage to get together,
in one day,
tell you that,
she actually like you?

What if,
right now,
there is no possibility that you two could be together?

The first contact was 7 years ago.
I’m a prefect assigned to supervise their class at the time,
(though I’m actually only one year older than them)
she’s sort of the ‘head of rebel’ at the time,
which had some quarrel with me at the time.

It was 5 years ago since we actually start to know each other.
We’re in the same team for a training camp involving certain challenge and risk.
When I first know I’m teaming with her,
my feeling is like:
“What? Why do I need to team with HER?!”

when the training camp start,
thing goes real good fast beyond imaginary.
Since the training involving helping each other,
it made us become good friend within very short time.
Soon I found that she rely on me a lot in the camp,
asking me for much help during the session,
making me to grow a feel that I wanted to help and protect her.

The camp end sooner than expected,
but not our friendship.
We start to go out with each other,
which she’s actually the first friend I ever go out with.
The feeling toward her grow very fast and soon,
I start to really like her.

because we rarely even meet at school,
and yet we can’t really go out that often,
our relationship actually stop making progress until 4 years ago.

A lot happened within this year.
We hang out more often,
and because I became one of the school event organiser,
we meet more often.

I still remember there is an event that only need me to fit something,
which is done within hour and time for me to leave.
However, I stay with them (they need to overnight at school),
just because I want to spend more time with her.
I still remember the night,
I decide not to sleep with my best friend,
instead, let her sleep on my leg.
(Until recently I still doubt about my decision,
but just now I already sure that I made correct decision)
I touched her face,
wanted to tell her how I like her,
but at the end, I didn’t…

Time flashed until I’m about to come here (Australia).
We hang out for the last time (the farewell).
I was planned to tell her how I like her before I come here,
but at the end,
I only bought her a crystal ball,
and decided to let all moment stay in my heart.

2 years since I came here.
We both had partner and been hurt within this two years,
until now, we both single.
I triggered the topic using the oldest April Fools trick,
telling her I like her so much (if fail, just say April Fools).
I thought that I will need to say April Fools, but didn’t.

She accepted it,
and tell me that actually she’d like me.
She was actually been waiting for my word back in our hometown.
All the time we spent together,
was still in her heart.
Even thought we can’t really get together now,
(distance + our heart)
I’m glad that I told her how I feel,
and glad that,
actually someone really like me before.

I also think that,
maybe my decision was right,
to not tell her at the time,
so that we both won’t be that sad when I’m leaving.
And at the end of it,
we’re still friend,
with that little bit more extra sweetness than normal friend,
and that little bit less bitterness than couple.

“You’ll always be in my heart”


About CPYap

Current student of Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) and Bachelor of Information Technology (Computer Studies)
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