Yup, finally, it was here, my 21st Birthday!
Although my mood was pretty bad few hours ago,
but now everything kinda good (finally!).

This few days will be kinda busy,
so already did the celebration few days ago (30th of April).
Although thing weren’t so smooth on its way,
but everything was fine in the party.
Thanks everyone for attending and special thanks to those who help me to organise it!

21 years of living,
my life been stuffed with unexpectedness, happiness and of course, sadness.
However, nothing stop me from walking forward,
from primary school to university,
from Penang to Perth, from Malaysia to Australia.
I walk every single pathway step by step,
and finally, I’m here.

I planned to write this articles since last week,
but haven’t really got time to.
Until today, however, I’m still pretty busy.
I guess I have to stop here to continue on my assignment,
an assignment that due on my birthday T.T

Anyways, Happy birthday to myself XD


About CPYap

Current student of Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) and Bachelor of Information Technology (Computer Studies)
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