Same Vision, Same Mission, New Direction!

I have to admit that I’m really not a good person to follow everything according to schedule.
It seem that I failed my previous plan to change myself,
due to several reason.
My body once again like a blew up balloon,
once again getting fat…

once again, with the same vision and mission,
I will start again, all over again.
Since I already registered as a member of a fitness class before,
it seem that it’s the good time to start.
Tomorrow after work,
probably (if end early) will go to the gym,
or at latest, Thursday.
I have to have a better and healthier life,
as my sister started to point out that my body have some strangeness.
If I don’t start to control my diet and exercise regularly,
I do think that I might have health problem soon 😦

Yup, once again, tomorrow will be yet another new beginning!


About CPYap

Current student of Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) and Bachelor of Information Technology (Computer Studies)
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